Expired Event (Official) Halloween 2018 on UO Heritage

Starting October 7th 2018 (UTC) UO Heritage Halloween will begin and run until November 1st 2018 (UTC)

Halloween Events:
  • Trick or Treating
    • You can go around to various NPCs and say "trick or treat" this will either reward you with a trick or a treat!
      • Treat List
        • Lollipops
        • Wrapped Candy
        • Jelly Beans
        • Taffy
        • Nougat Swirl
        • Halloween Sandals
        • Halloween Robe
        • Halloween Cloak
  • Halloween Begging
    • Grand Master Beggers can beg at various town NPCs for a chance to receive some unique Halloween themed items!
      • Decoration List
        • Creepy Cake
        • Pumpkin Pizza
        • Grim Warning
        • Harvest Wine
        • Murky Milk
        • Mr Plains Cookies
        • Skulls On A Pike
        • Chair In A Ghost Costume
        • Excellent Iron Maiden
        • Halloween Guillotine
        • Colored Small Webs
        • Random Halloween Costumes
  • Pumpkin Patches
    • There are various pumpkin patches around Heritage, in both Trammel AND Felucca where you can pick pumpkins for a chance at getting a rare pumpkin to spawn! Be warned though there is a chance to summon the Evil Pumpkin when picking these rare decorative pumpkins. When killed the Evil Pumpkin will grant you a random Heritage players Head On A Spike. They also have a rare chance to drop painted masks and Twilight Lanterns.
      • Pumpkin Patch Locations
        • Skara Brea Large Field (806, 2163, 0)
        • Skara Brea Small Fields (823, 2266, 0)
        • South East Skara Brea Fields (831, 2355, 0)
  • Player Zombies
    • Every time a player dies in-game during the Halloween event there is a small chance that their Skeleton will become re-animated and appear in the Britain Cemeteries of Felucca and Trammel.
    • These Skeletal Zombies have a rare chance to drop a bone container with the players name on it OR a piece of the much coveted Zombie Skeleton Armor set!
  • A new Tamable - The Bane Dragon
    • This rare tamable will appear in the Britain, Moonglow, and Yew cemeteries in both Trammel and Felucca during the month of October.
  • Minoc Invasion (Trammel Only)
    • Minoc will be invaded every two hours by hordes of undead! Pair up with your friends and help beat them back.
      • Players can purchase a Minoc Guard Sash from the Minoc Guard Captain, located on the road south of Minoc, for 65,000gp. There is a human/elf and gargoyle version.
      • These sashes come with one of these properties affixed to them set at 5%.
        • Hit Chance Increase
        • Defense Chance
        • Swing Speed Increase
        • Spell Damage Increase
        • Damage Increase
      • As you fight against the spawn each level has a chance to drop an upgrade deed for your sash. The upgrade deeds must be used in order from Lvl 2 to Lvl 5 (4 deeds total)
      • At the end of the Invasion a pool of 250,000gp will be split amongst all those who took part. Those who do the most damage to the spawn will receive a bigger share of the money pool.
      • There is also a RARE chance for an Invasion Spellbook to drop.
      • All drops will appear right in your backpack.
      • If you lose the Invasion menu you can say [invasion
  • The New Khal Ankur Champ Spawn (FELUCCA ONLY)
    • Starting on the 7th a new Champion Spawn will appear in Felucca.
    • This Champion Spawn will be removed at the end of October and will re-appear next October.
    • The Champion Boss Khal Ankur will now always drop 1 of 3 Halloween themed paintings. These will appear on his corpse and must be looted.
    • Face new monsters and a tough new Champion to claim valuable Artifacts Of The Cult.
    • These Artifacts Of The Cult can be turned in at Luna, near the stables, for some new Artifacts.
      • Artifact List
        • First Aid Belt – this blessed belt container safely holds up to 1000 bandages, offers 50% weight reduction, +2 Hit Point Regen, and 10% bandage healing bonus while equipped that stacks with other healing bonuses.
        • Mask of Khal Ankur – this powerful mask of a mysterious warrior king offers the wearer immense power including,
          • Caddellite Infused
          • HP Increase 10
          • Mana Increase 10
          • Enhance Potions 35%
          • LMC 10%
          • 15% All resists
          • Meteor Breath Charges: 1
            • Can cast “Meteor Swarm” when used
              • Interruptable
              • Mana, reagent & skill check free
              • 5 minute recharge time – recharges only when worn, recharge timer reset when unequipped
                • Available as the Pendant of Khal Ankur for Gargoyles, with mage armor.
        • Reward Title Deeds
          • Seeker of the Fallen Star
          • Zealot of Khal Ankur
          • Prophet
        • Cultist’s Ritual Tome
          • Magery Spellbook
          • Caddellite Infused
          • DCI 5%
          • SDI 25%
          • FCR 2
          • LMC 4%
          • Random Slayer



The circled pumpkin is what you are looking for. Picking these up will either grant you a rare jack o lantern that you can lock down in your home OR spawn the killer pumpkin. The Killer Pumpkin will drop a few unique items and will also ALWAYS drop a Head On A Spike.

Trash the regular pumpkins to get the bigger pumpkins to spawn!

As always watch out for PKs in Felucca!!
Halloween Event Update
  • Pumpkins will no longer spawn in the Moonglow pumpkin patch.
    • More pumpkins will spawn in the other fields listed above.
  • Level 2 of the Khaldun Champion spawn has been slightly tweaked.
    • The Viscera will no longer cast the Aura of Nausea during this event.
Halloween Event Update
  • To give a small incentive to completed the Khal Ankur champion spawn, the Champion Boss Khal Ankur will now always drop 1 of 3 Halloween themed paintings. These will appear on his corpse and must be looted.
Bug Fixes
  • Khal Ankur will unbless correctly once his spawn is killed off.
There is less than a week left to partake in all the Halloween events.
On the morning of November 1st Heritage will be taken down, out of cycle, to remove any remaining Halloween content.

Log on Wednesday, the 31st, for a special Halloween themed item pack! (1 per account)
We went ahead and released the Halloween themed item pack today!

This pack is ONE PER ACCOUNT. We do track how many people, using the same IP, claim gifts. Do not try to obtain more than 4 of these packs.

Players who log onto Heritage between now and midnight tomorrow will receive the Halloween 2018 Item Pack right in their backpack.

Have a fun and safe Halloween.