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New Young Player System
  • Newly created accounts on Heritage will now start (Young).
  • Young player benefits:
    • Can not be attacked by monsters outside of dungeons. (Quest monsters are different)
    • Will be teleported, with all their belongings, to a random city healer if they die.
    • Will be healed by wandering healers, if damaged.
    • Are immune to poison.
    • Can instantly log out anywhere.
    • Can use the Young Player Instant Travel Menu
  • Young Player Instant Travel Menu
    • While you are young this menu will appear every time you log into Heritage.
    • This menu allows you to instantly travel to pre-selected locations around the world.
      • We will be expanded on this list as time goes on.
    • You can also access this menu anytime by clicking on the "Young Player Assistant".
  • Young Player Assistant
    • This item will spawn in the backpacks of all newly created Young players.
    • This item can only be used by Young players.
    • This item will bring up the Young Player Instant Travel Menu when double clicked.
    • Coming soon this item will heal and refresh young player characters once every hour, when used. (not implemented yet)

Limited Time Valentines Day Mini Event
  • Starting now until 15 Feb 2018 players can access a special gate to fight "Evil Cupid".
    • Cupid will spawn once every 10 minutes and will have a chance to drop 4 unique items.
      • 100% of the time Cupid will award one player with a Whispering Rose.
      • 15% of the time Cupid will award one player with one of the rewards list below:
        • Cupid's Quiver
        • Cupid's Bow
        • Cupid's Sash
    • The gate to fight Cupid has been set up on top of Britain Bank (Trammel)

  • The Mythic Character Token has been added
      • This token can be used to set 5 skills, of your choosing, to 90 while also maxing out your stat cap.
      • Existing characters must have less than 200 skill points when the token is used. (you can soulstone skills off to meet this requirement)
      • Tokens can be purchased from the donation and gold special item merchants.
        • 400 Sovereigns.
        • 4 Million Gold.
  • Attributes no longer show when you hover your mouse over yourself or other players.
  • Character "Age" has been renamed to "Shard Loyalty".
  • Added missing Honor system messages.

Bug Fixes
  • Lesser and Metal Pigments of Tokuno now have a chance to drop as a minor artifact.
  • Riding Swipe special move now works correctly.
  • Infused Throw special move now works correctly.
  • Powerscrolls removed from a Powerscroll book will no longer remain "locked down".
  • Arcane empowerment now shows the proper SDI on the status bar.
  • Insane Dryads will no longer fight each other.
  • Wildfire will no longer follow the target around.
  • The Huntmaster has re-appeared at the Skara Brae Ranger's Guild.
  • Speckled Scorpions can no longer be tamed.
  • Increased the follow range of pets. Before they would stop following if you moved to far from them. This range has been increased.
  • Increased the chances that monsters will cast higher end spells in MageAI.
  • Fixed Riding Swipe.
  • Fixed Fencing masteries.
  • Clean up Britannia now gives the proper points for SOSs and Ancient SOSs.
  • Adjusted location to Jhelom Gate in the Crystal Portal.
  • The Chain Lightning graphic will now properly trigger even when the target creature(s) die.
  • Non-stacking spells, ie magic arrow will now fizzle when damage is attempted to be stacked. (Cast to fast. This behavior was confirmed on real UO)
  • Fixed an issue where having negative luck items on was making various points go negative. (Tokuno, Dungeon points, ect)
  • Further tweaked Riding Swipe so it works correctly in regards to the mount being healed before it can be used again.
  • Added the proper visual effects to Injected Strike.
  • Injected Strike no longer bumps poison level to Lethal.
  • Adjusted Injected Strikes fail level since Poisoning is maxed out at 100 and not 120.
  • Stealing from town containers now holds the inherent risk that guards could be called on you. (any facet)
  • Wild Tigers can no longer be mounted. (Sorry guys)
  • Removed the "No-Repair" property from various items. Existing items have been fixed.
  • Beetle and Ridgeback Ethereal Mounts should now correctly display their Ethereal color.
  • VvV potions can now only be used by those actually in VvV.
  • Fixed an issue where players could sometimes "fall" under their boats, especially in the Corgul region, rendering them helpless unless a GM was on to reset them.
  • Deadly Poison application skill needed reduced from 95 to 80.
  • Added missing tailor BOD reward cloth color to tier 6.
  • Fixed City Loyalty System custom Titles.
  • The Gauntlet system now only counts players when determining the number of bosses to create.
  • Combat heat now applies to aggressors and aggressed, per OSI.
  • Basic behind the scenes tweaks to start combatting the issue where mobiles and items sometimes do not load on the screen.
  • You can no longer walk and use archery weapons at the same time, unless using the special move.
  • MageAI spell casting no longer depends on a creatures magery skill, but instead depends on the mana pool.
  • Increased heal chances for spell casting AI.
  • NecroMageAI now uses spirit speak.
  • Pets flagging as aggressor/aggressed now hands out the proper combat heat delay to players.
  • Ethereal Ki-Rins and Unicorns now display their ethereal color correctly.
    • There are few other ethereals that will be fixed with a future publish.
  • A complete rewrite and cleaning up of code regarding how items, houses, and mobiles load on your screen has been performed.
    • Players, monsters, houses, and items should now correctly load on your screen when entering an area or teleporting into an area.
    • Hours of testing, with multiple developers, went into this.
    • If you find any bugs with the new code please report it right away here:
      • Include a screen shot, what you were doing, and the best possible way to replicate it.
  • An issue where killing certain Exploring The Deep quest monsters, not getting credit, and then having it not respawn has been resolved.
  • Fixed usage range with Trade Ministers to 5 tiles.
  • Trade Order Crates now can hold 1000 stones.
  • Bugged out titles received from completing your first Trade order have been fixed.
  • Velocity no longer processes on a successful parry.
  • Fixed an issue where the Mythic token would not properly apply the stat bonus.
  • You will no longer "black out" when teleporting on a galleon.
  • Fixed a crash regarding the Magincia Bazaar system.
  • Various spells will now still proc the animation "on death".
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