Active Promotion Earn Sovereigns for Reporting Bugs! The Official Heritage "BUG" Reporting Reward System


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The players of Heritage, whether or not they know it, have been making a huge contribution to Heritage and ServUO for over two years.

You guys have reported so many bugs, as evident here in the Addressed Bug Reports section, and it helps to make sure Heritage runs as efficiently as possible. All the bugs here are also reported to ServUO and they get fixed there too. This allows the amateur and expert shard builder alike to download a project that is more stable and less riddled with bugs.

To promote players to report bugs, and to thank those that already do, we are going to start rewarding Sovereigns for well constructed bug reports.

A few stipulations do apply:
  1. The bug report must become marked FIXED in order to receive a reward in Sovereigns. Nit picking spawn locations and various other minor, known issues, will not result in a Sovereign reward when marked FIXED.
  2. The bug report must not be a duplicate of a previous bug report. The first to report it will be the first to receive credit. Players should always do a search on the forums to see if their issue was previously reported or not. Simply type key words into the search box. (top right corner)
  3. The bug must not already be tracked over at ServUO Bug Reporting.
  4. In some instances a bug may get marked as FIXED and moved to the Addressed Bug Reports section but then become a bug again further down the road. In these situations the old bug report must be at-least 60 days old before credit will be given again. Lets call it the Double Jeopardy Rule.
  5. The bug report must be detailed and provide instructions on how we can replicate it in-game. Please review the BUG REPORTING RULES prior to submitting a bug report.
  6. Exploits should NEVER be reported on the open forums. Instead reach out to me @Dan here or on Discord. (Exploits will receive the biggest Sovereign rewards)
How Sovereigns will be rewarded:
  1. After a bug report is marked FIXED, and as long as all the other rules were followed, I will now close out bug reports stating that it is Fixed along with how many Sovereigns the poster has earned for reporting it. (This is for transparency)
  2. I will then send a private message over these forums to the creator of the post asking them the name of the CHARACTER they wish to have the Sovereigns credited to.
  3. Please know that some reports could sit there for months before getting addressed. This will be due to importance, time, and various other factors.
How many Sovereigns will be rewarded?:
  1. Sovereign amounts to be rewarded will depend on various factors:
    • How much does the bug affect game play?
    • Does the bug result in loss of items?
    • Does the bug result in the duping of items?
    • Various other factors.
  2. Cosmetic or minor issues may only result in the rewarding of 1 Sovereign.
  3. Major exploits could result in the rewarding of thousands of Sovereigns.
  4. Everything in between will result in the rewarding of a random amount of Sovereigns, determined by myself.
  5. Minor spawn issues will not be rewarded in Sovereigns.
  6. I am the final judge in regards to the number of Sovereigns that will get rewarded. Since all reports will have the amount rewarded fixed to them my hope is to eventually set a precedent on how many you can expect to be rewarded, based on past rewards for similar issues.
I hope you all will continue to report issues as they come up. It helps make the shard more stable and enjoyable for your fellow player. I would also like to again remind everyone that we take exploiting and cheating very seriously. It is always worth it to report a bug over exploiting it. Players should expect to see their accounts jailed, banned, or deleted for exploiting or cheating.