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The players of Heritage, whether or not they know it, have been making a huge contribution to Heritage and ServUO for over three years.

You guys have reported so many bugs, as evident here in the Addressed Bug Reports section, and it helps to make sure Heritage runs as efficiently as possible. All the bugs here are also reported to ServUO and they get fixed there too. This allows the amateur and expert shard builder alike to download a project that is more stable and less riddled with bugs.

I hope you all will continue to report issues as they come up. It helps make the shard more stable and enjoyable for your fellow players. I would also like to again remind everyone that we take exploiting and cheating very seriously. It is always worth it to report a bug over exploiting it. Players should expect to see their accounts jailed, banned, or deleted for exploiting or cheating.

When is a bug not worth a reward:

  1. When it has already been reported by another player, ON THE FORUMS. We will look at the time stamp from when the post was made.
  2. When the bug had been reported first over at
  3. When a player exploits it, knowingly, and then tries to report it.
    • If a player realizes an exploit and reports it right away they will be greatly rewarded and there will be no punitive measures taken.
  4. If it is a custom setting we have here on Heritage, that may differ or divert from UO, thus making it not a bug.

How to correctly report a bug:
  1. First go here:
  2. Create a new post and explain your bug.
    • Post supporting facts, google is your friend, that back up why you think your bug, is indeed a bug.
    • We are not interested in opinions or statements that include "I think". We have other forums for that kind of stuff.
    • Useless reports will be removed.

How you will receive Sovereigns:
  1. If a bug is reported correctly and eventually (when we get around to it) is marked FIXED you will be sent a private message stating how many Sovereigns you were rewarded and what character would you like them added to.
  2. Once you responded and when we get time, usually once a week, we will pass out the Sovereigns. (You do not need to be online during any of this) Then we will send you another message letting you know that the process has been completed.

How your reward in Sovereigns is calculated:
  1. The severity / complexity of the issue at hand. If your bug report, and still please report these issues, is simply about the wrong graphic / color / misspelt text / on an item then the poster of the report will most likely be rewarded 1 Sovereign.
    • Players who report issues that affect game play or prevent completion on a task will be rewarded anywhere from 5 - 500 Sovereigns based on what the issue is.
    • Players who report issues that allow players to somehow dupe an item or manipulate a system to increase drops (exploit) will be rewarded a much bigger reward, based on the situation.
  2. The amount of time put into your report:
    • In some situations, even if the bug is minor, we may reward more Sovereigns based on the time you put into your bug report.
    • This includes taking screen shots / videos, posting multiple sources, testing on UO.
  3. Most bug reports will result in anywhere from 1 to 50 Sovereigns.

The staff of Heritage are the sole deciders on if a bug report is worth Sovereigns and how many Sovereigns are awarded. Players who complain will simply have their reports marked as FIXED and closed out.
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