Unconfirmed Bug Discovering Animal Taming quest

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Quest is broken. I just walked up and double clicked the quest giver in Luna stables out of curiosity. Then I double clicked again because I didn't read the gump properly and wanted to see what the reward was. So upon noticing this I immediately reserved this post for further analysis of the bug. I went and tamed a naja. I got the system message from the second post. But wait... I already claimed the title beastmaster. I went back to Luna and to continue my investigation. I double clicked the NPC and received an offer for yet another discovering animal taming quest.I resigned all of the quests besides the meer[sorry, I'm already a 1000 kills in.] I accepted a single quest. I stabled the naja. Then I went and tamed a jack rabbit. Went back to Luna. Double clicked the NPC. It gave me the next quest in the chain also named Discovering Animal Taming[lore your pet.] I refused it for some reason[we'll call it for testing purposes ;) .] I double clicked the NPC again. It gave me the original quest. I refused it. I release my jack rabbit. I retamed it.rinse and repeat except I accepted the quest. Got the sysmsg. Double clicked the NPC. Accepted the lore quest. Lored my jack rabbit. I did not receive a sysmsg. And this is where I'm stopping this report from my end.
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The Silvertiger

The Silvertiger

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Oh wait... Once again I didn't read the gump. So let's continue the investigation:
I released the jack rabbit thinking my investigation was done. I claimed my naja that I tamed on the first quest. I decided to resign my quest, but I decided to check if it was the lore quest and found out I had to select the begin animal training button. I did that and got a sysmsg. Double clicked the NPC again got a new quest also named Discovering Animal Taming [go into the wild and train your pet.] I accepted. I went to sacrifice, so I can kill 2 jukas with one naja. I finished that task. Double Clicked the NPC. Got the next quest of the same name. Accepted. Trained some phys resist.. Got a sysmsg. Double clicked NPC. And received the achievement. My quest log was back down to "Save the meer." Then, double clicked the NPC again. It gave me the quest again.

Conclusions: It didn't crash the server. I didn't see any effects from having multiple quests.
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Sorry, this is very tough to follow. So whats the bug?


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I think the issue was that the quest did not realize if you did it before, so you could keep starting it again.

And if you were in the first stage of the quest and finished it, it would allow you to keep restarting it. You see in one of the images she has 6 copies of the same quest.