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Following a restart at 6pm EST on 01 December 2017 the following publish will be live.

  • The PVP Arena system has been added.
  • A new rule has been added to the Heritage Rules page. "Players are prohibited from attempting to duel themselves in anyway. Anyone caught trying to exploit the Arena ranking system will be purged from the Arena system and fined."
There are a total of four Arenas for organised, formal player versus player content; whether it be single duals, guild teams or extensive tournaments.

Arena Styles
There are two styles of arenas, style one is found at Ocllo, Felucca and Haven, Trammel


The second style is found in Lost Lands, both Felucca and Trammel, close to the Minoc/Khaldun entrance


Each arena has an Arena Manager, use the context menu on this NPC to stable or claim a pet.

Starting a Dual
To open the arena menu double click the arena stone found at the entrance. From this you can check your arena stats, if you have any, and host or join a duel. You will need to set the ‘Ignore duel invite’ option to ‘OFF’.


Clicking on ‘Host a duel’ will open a menu allowing you to set the rules for your encounter, click the arrow till you reach your selection, clicking past the maximum returns you to the first setting. Options are as follows:

  • arena-rules.jpg
  • Maximum Entries: 2 – 10 participants
  • Room Type: Public or Private
  • Battle Mode: Survival or Team
  • Ranked: yes or no
  • Time Limit: 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes
  • Entry Fee: 0, 1000, 5000, 10000, 25000 or 50000gp
  • Pet Slots: 0,1,2,3,4 or 5
  • Riding/Flying: OK or NO
  • Ranged Weapons: OK or NO
  • Summon Spells: OK or NO
  • Field Spells: OK or NO
  • Potion: All OK, NONE or No HEALING

Inviting Opponents
Once you have determined the rules you wish to apply, OK the list to reach the next gump. From here invite the character or characters you wish to dual. They will be presented with your invitation, showing the list of rules.

arena-queue-240x300.jpg arena-accept-300x276.jpg

The list of participants is now shown and you may click ‘Start the dual’. All participants receive a further gump confirming the participant list and rules. The red instruction at the bottom of this gump is also shown as a system message.


Step through the gate to enter the arena, participants arrive at opposite ends and may not engage for five seconds. A grid of fire signals the beginning of the dual.


At the end of the allotted time period all participants are put into a peaced state and will be ejected from the arena 40 seconds later at which point a hit points, mana and stamina of the duelists will be completely restored.

Battles in the arena give a character entitlement to the following reward titles:
  1. Fledgling Gladiator
  2. Budding Gladiator
  3. Gladiator
  4. Well-Known Gladiator
  5. Veteran Gladiator

Bug Fixes
  • Dismount now costs 25 mana and ranged weapons reduces re-mount delay to 8 second, down from 10 seconds.
  • Parrying a blow no longer triggers special moves or weapon hit spells.
  • A ghost logging into a champ region with no corpse will be teleported to a shrine.
  • Enchanted Apples will no longer fail. Their cooldown now depends on the amount and power of curses removed.
  • The Warcry mastery delay has been changed to 20 minutes, down from 1 hour.
  • Holy Fist mastery damage is now capped at 35% for PVP.
  • Hiding now turns war mode off.
  • Hidden players will no longer auto-attack during aggressive actions.
  • Removed delay when hiding fails due to a nearby enemy.
  • The Despise boss encounter now correctly resets if all players die or leave the dungeon.
  • Various tweaks to the New Despise monsters, in Trammel.
  • Discordance fail delay is now set to 5 seconds, down from 20 seconds.
  • Repairing an item no longer has a chance to allow skill gains.
  • Added hinge tinker BODS
  • Added and fixed spoon, forks and knives small tinker BODS.
  • Fixed entry error for tinker BOD earrings
  • Added retrieve context menu entry to secure containers.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when Chain Lightning was casted on damageable items. (Lighthouses)
  • Fixed Injected Strike buff icons and poison resists related to Injected Strike targets.
  • Paralyze now triggers AFTER Bombard Spell damage happens.
  • Looted Weapons/Shields with Spell Channeling will no longer have FC1.
    • Any existing Weapons/Shields with Spell Channeling and FC1 will be reverted, slowly, over time.
  • Ranged Weapons now can spawn with Velocity and/or Balanced.
  • Various fixes to Mirror Image clones.
  • Fixed a crash resulting from using the PVP arena system. (Stones will be re-activated after the restart)
  • Added Security(access) menu support for all house lock downs.
  • House Friend access level can now lock down items in houses.
  • Mud Puppies and Red Herrings will now properly deed and re-deed when converted into a trophy.
  • You can no longer parry with Balanced property weapons.
  • Added the correct delay to Bombard paralyze.
  • Added proper buff info for Enchant Spell.
  • Clones (mirror image) no longer block movement.
  • Fixed Injected Strike buff info.
  • All creatures now use Active Speed when following their masters.
  • Flute of renewal will only spawn with AOS type super slayers, excluding Fey.
  • Fixed Inscription bulk order bug regarding arch cure scrolls. (existing ones will still be bugged)
  • Bulk order turn in timer is now set at 2 seconds, down from 10 seconds.
  • Houses can now properly be placed in New Magincia Felucca regardless of the old "lottery" status of the plots.
  • Heightened Senses now applies the correct parry bonus.
  • Dice can now have security level set. (Set to everyone to allow anyone in the house to roll)
  • Blood Oath no longer factors resist spells in PVP, per EA.
  • Added 'stablecount' command to animal trainers, saying this command will let you know how many stable slots you have, per character.
  • Fixed 2x loot for fire steeds. This will no longer happen.
  • Revenants and Covetous Revenants are once again wearing hooded shrouds.
  • Shrine of Singularity quest (on fail) is now 2 real hours, 24 UO hours. (not 24 real hours)
  • Fixed accessibility issue with mailboxes. (Anyone should be able to drop items in a mail box but only players with the proper access level can remove stuff)
  • Goza mats and tessens now retain the color of the cloth used to craft them with.
  • Removed the [voidpool command as it is not needed.
  • Despise pets should now attack opposite aligned creatures, as well as the bosses properly.
  • Anticipate hit should now function properly when using confidence.
  • Body guard should now block/transfer the proper amount of damage.
  • Fixed Body Guard buff icons.
  • Added Smithy Hammer and Sledge Hammer to magic loot drops.
  • Added the correct Void Spawn to Covetous Level 3.
  • Fel/Tram now have their own separate instances of void pool stats.
  • Void Pool context menu entry is now accessible anywhere.
  • Skree AI has been changed from Melee to Mage to match UO.
  • Fixed kindling weight.
  • Added some more missing small Bulk Order Deeds. (IE: barrel tap, barrel top, etc)
  • An issue where Goblets (Tinkering) would not, internally, remember their crafting material has been fixed. (any existing ones will remain bugged)
  • The applied racial bonuses (+20 for humans, ect) are now taken into account in regards to the Bulk Order System and NPCs granting you a Bulk Order Deed.
  • Tamed / controlled creatures will no longer reveal their masters/party members/guild members.
  • Hunting Permits now accepts raging grizzly bears as grizzly bear kills.
  • The Cursed property now has a chance to spawn on randomly generated magic loot items.
  • The skill mastery Mana Shield now works as intended.
  • Further fixed issues with not collecting bulk orders correctly.
  • Hit points for Rikktor, Mephistis and Lord Oaks have been updated to match UO.
  • Fixed the durability on Smuggler's Edge. It is now 255/255.
  • Fixed an issue where sleeve slotted items were not properly losing durability.
  • The Runic Atlas will now properly let you know that you do not have the recall spell if you do not and try to use one.
  • Added missing Alchemy Station, BBQ Smoker, and Writing Desk to the Special Item Merchant and Donation vendors @ Britain Bank. (Trammel)

Christmas Celebrations PART I
  • Christmas House Design / Decoration Contest. Deadline - December 22nd @ 8pm EST.
    • Design and decorate your house for Christmas! The top 3 submissions will receive a special, unique, reward for their participation.
    • Players have until December 22nd @ 8pm EST to submit their houses, to myself, for judging.
    • The top 3 houses will have special portal set up to them, at Britain Bank(Trammel) for viewing purposes. These gates will remain from the 22nd until the 26th of December. (If a house in Felucca is chosen no gate will be set up. Instead the location will be noted for those who want to check it out, on their own)
  • A large Christmas tree has been erected at Britain Bank, Trammel.
    • Once every 24 hours, per account, you can double click on the Christmas Tree and get a random Christmas Present.
    • Most of the presents are Holiday Decorations with a chance of getting a few new unique items this year.
      • Anyone found farming multiple accounts, over the 4 limit, will be dealt with.
  • Mark the Christmas Tree Vendor will be near the Britain bank, at his tree farm, selling Christmas Trees for a limited time.
    • These Christmas Trees are a house addon.
    • Christmas Trees will cost 50,000gp each.
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