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Not sure if I'm the only one, but I have trouble connecting a second account. I can log 1 in easily and it does not matter which one. When I try to log in a second account, I choose the world and get hung up on connecting. I've tested w/ other servers and no issues, I've restarted modem, router and PC and nada. I've tried to log 2nd account in w/ classic and got a socket error. I can log in one account w/ classic.
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Dan , can you roll back the 2 account online script/rule? I feel like it started when you did that
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No, all I did was turn on IPlimiter, which is stock in ServUO. I did make some changes though with how it is handled. Just turning it off does not help us address the issue of finding out the cause, and fixing it.

How fast are you switching accounts? Are you ever logged in with two and then it is when you go to log out of one to switch into another? Or is it just totally random?

Are you using the classic client with Steam? Razor? Razor enhanced? the ClassicUO client?


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This happens usually if the server goes down and I try to get back in. I try to give it a minute on the world screen before I click the arrow. This is not 100% of the time but it is the majority. I am using steam mostly. I have a duplicate UO folder for when I use the Classic client as steam and it cannot run at the same time. I can get the 2nd account in after several tries so its not the end of the world. Perhaps lets wait and see if anyone else has this issue before you waste any time on it.