Expired Event (Official) Christmas on Heritage 2018

Christmas has started on UO Heritage!

1. ChristmasTree.png
  • Players can double click this tree once every 24 hours to get a random Present. Once you double click the Present the item will appear in your backpack. This reward is 1 per account. (We will be monitoring accounts during December so do not attempt to create more than 4 accounts or you could be flagged)
    • Possible Gifts:
      • A Holiday Timepiece
      • Angel Decoration
      • Icicles (various sizes)
      • Ginger Bread House Deed
      • Wreath Deed
      • Icy Patch
      • Mistletoe Deed
      • Pile Of Glacial Snow
      • Red or White Poinsettia
      • Rocking Horse
      • Random Snow Globes
      • Snow Pile
      • Snow Statue Deed
      • A Snowy Tree
      • Green or Red Stockings
      • Soulstone Fragment Token
      • Special Hair or Beard Dye

2. You can purchase Holiday (Christmas) Tree Deeds from a special vendor in Luna for 50,000gp.
  • He is located near the big Christmas Tree.

3. Christmas House Decorating Contest!
  • Design and decorate your house for Christmas! The top 3 submissions will receive a special, unique, reward for their participation.
  • Players have until December 22nd @ 8pm EST to submit their houses, to myself, for judging.
  • The top 3 houses will have special portal set up to them, at Britain Bank(Trammel) for viewing purposes. These gates will remain from the 22nd until the 26th of December. (If a house in Felucca is chosen no gate will be set up. Instead the location will be noted for those who want to check it out, on their own)

4. Krampus has taken over Lady Mel's tree!
  • Krampus2.png
  • Players can purchase the "Key to Summon Krampus" for 35,000gp at a special merchant near the Luna stables.
    • KrampusKey.png
    • The Keys can be used outside Blighted Grove enter the encounter to slay Krampus. (Trammel AND Felucca)
    • All players must be in a party in order to enter this event. Only 1 group can be in the encounter at any time.
      • During this event the Blighted Grove has been blocked off.
      • A special gate to the Trammel version has been set up at Luna.
      • Original Lady Mel keys WILL work to enter this encounter, if you have some saved.
      • After this event any of the Krampus keys left over WILL BE DELETED.
  • This event is meant to be taken on by more than one player! Christmas is the time of giving, give new players the opportunity to partake in this encounter with you!.
    • Slayer Krampus will have a chance to reward multiple items!
      • EventItems.png
      • On top of these items all the normal Peerless items, like the Crimson Cincture, have a chance to drop!
      • Remember to drop party as these items drop right on the corpse and will be split into loot packs, unless the party remains in-tack.


Free Ride.png

Players can access the Gauntlet, without a Golden Skull, all weekend! Simply use the gate located at Luna.

The Gauntlet is a group event and players are encouraged to go with others.
If you log on to Heritage anytime from now until Midnight tomorrow a special gift bag will be placed in your backpack. (This item is 1 per account)

Merry Christmas.