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You must provide as much detail as possible when posting a bug. You must provide source information.

Source information can be links to specific information on UOGuide, Stratics, UO Wiki, ect, that pertain or could pertain to your specific issue. Or they can be a very detailed report on what is going on with a game play mechanic on Heritage.

The only time a link is not required is if you have tested the bug on real UO.

When your bug involves normal game play mechanics you must be very specific in what exactly you are doing, how long you have been doing it, and how you believe it is not working correctly.

Please give us as much information as possible so we can actually test the issue you are reporting, under similar circumstances.

Bug reports are not a place for personal opinion and should be posted with as much supporting information as possible.

A LOT of development time is spent looking into false bug reports. If your bug report is not complete staff will not even begin to investigate the issue. Please help us to help you.

If you even THINK your bug could be considered an exploit do not post it in this forum. Instead send me a private message.

Reported exploits that allow you to obtain gold or items outside intended mechanics, reported in a timely manner to staff, will be greatly rewarded. Anyone caught abusing an exploit will have their accounts removed from the game world immediately.

- Before you post your bug please double check that there is not already another report open that involves your issue. Duplicate bug reports will be removed.
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