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So this is not all bugs I don't think, but a way to maybe make the big donation ship actually useful and fix the bugs they do have.

First the person on your ship.
It would be cool if you could actually change his clothing like a vendor.

Second The ship hold 28000 stones and 125 items, which is great but when your fishing and pulling up at least 1 message in a bottle and one net every 2-3 minutes plus all the fish and crabs that 125 items gets filled up so fast. I get i could just bring the items to a house and drop them off there but that defeats the point of the big ship i could do the same with a little boat. Also t a pain to move fish all the time because when doing the fish quest for the fish monger the crate is always put in your boats cargo hold.

That brings me to my third point (bug) the ships cargo hold doesn't work all the time sometime you can't open it. When you hold shift/ctrl it brings up several cargo hold names and you have to click them all and sometimes it will then open.

I enjoy fishing a lot but think it still needs a lot of work and honestly I am kinda disappointed that there is even a Britannia ship in the donation shop that is not fully working makes me feel like i lost $15. I don't want to speak for other but I was told by a few other players who have the ship they had similar problems.


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These are not bugs. #2 works for me every time, try using object handles. Moving to suggestions section.


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The ship can also be obtained through Community Collections but it is a pain.

There is already a host of changes coming through that will stream line cannons and enhance other aspects of High Seas in general.

We don't plan on editing ships at this time.