PATCH LOG AUGUST 2017 - Patch Log

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  • Houses now grant 40% more storage, per UO.
  • Added in Drelgor.
  • Fixed potential craft menu crash.
  • Crafter names on items now only show 'lord' or 'lady' as opposed to other fame titles.
  • Goza mats are no longer crafted with special material.
  • Various body value and color fixes made to Despise creatures.
  • Despise creatures now only attack players with the proper karma levels (+- 1000).
  • Despise creatures will now chase you through the moongates.
  • Wisp Orbs now displays the proper colors.
  • Despise Call To Arms menu now goes to all players in the dungeon.
  • Item Identification now works correctly.
  • The Dragon Wolf (new tamable) has been added to the world.
    • Found guarding Level 6 treasure chests in all facets except Ter Mur
  • Increased quality of Treasure Map loot.
  • Increased quality of the Enchanted Hot Item Chest loot (Dungeon Wrong)
  • Fixed bug where elemental damage enchanted hot items would override their orange color.
  • Auction Safes now support Quivers.
  • Town Criers will now remember the news after a shard restart.
  • Pet Branding will no longer shows if the pet is released back into the wild.
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