Expired Event 2nd Annual Heritage Summer Festival - July 1st through August 31st 2018

It is that time of year again where the weather starts getting nicer out and life on Heritage slows down a little until the Fall months.

To break up the season lull on the shard we like to run the Summer Festival. This Festival is geared towards everyone. Experienced and unexperienced alike.

More quests and side events will be added as we get deeper into summer.


This years summer festival will take place in the old forgotten City of Mistas in Ilshenar. This city is not guarded so we do not recommend going AFK in this region.

A quick access gate to this area will be placed in Luna.

This Years Theme = "The Summer Of Paragons"


  • 5 Artifact Enhancement Quests (24 hour reset)
    • These quests require you to kill paragons and seek out specific Minor artifacts. In exchange for these base artifacts the Quest givers will give you 5 Summer Festival Tickets and an Enhanced version of the artifact requested.
  • Soul Forge Construction Quest (24 hour reset)
    • We would like to construct a Soul Forge in Luna but it will require a LOT of relic fragments.
      • Turn in 100 Relic Fragments to earn 5 Summer Festival tickets and a special Half Apron.
  • Fishing Quest (24 hour reset)
    • Turn in a Big Fish once every 24 hours to earn 5 Summer Festival Tickets and a rare Fishing Cap.
  • Slay the Flower Eaters (1 hour reset)
    • Outside the south gate of Mistas poor old Flower's garden is getting ruined. Help slay the creatures and retrieve some of his flowers for 3 Summer Festival Tickets and a random dried set of flowers with your shard mates names on them.
  • Slay Summer Mephitis in Mistas once every 24 hours
    • Earn 10 Summer Festival Tickets for fighting this unique boss.

Summer Festival Champion Spawn:

  • Once an hour in Northern Mistas the Summer Mephitis Champion Spawn will activate.
    • This mostly easy champion spawn is designed to help the new players of Heritage get started however there is also a unique reward that has a 15% chance of dropping on the boss each death.
    • This years Unique Champion Item drop is:
      • Spider Silk Slippers (shoes)
        • Blessed
        • Poison Eater 2%
    • The Champion also drops 105 - 110 Power scrolls and Summer Festival tickets.

Paragons in Ilshenar:

  • Every Paragon in Ilshenar will always drop 1 of 60 "server birth rares" on their corpse.
  • Paragons also drop their usual Minor artifacts (some needed for the quest)
    • The harder the Paragon the higher chance of a drop.
    • During the Summer Festival there is also a chance for the Paragon to award you the:
      • Rideable Ridgeback Paragon Statuette
      • Be the envy of all your friends on this Paragon hued Ethereal Ridgeback.

Turn in your tickets for prizes:

  • At the new Mistas Bank is the NPC to redeem your Summer Festival Tickets.
    • This Years Ticket Rewards
      • 20 Tickets - Bone Machete Recipe
      • 20 Tickets - Acid Proof Rope Recipe
      • 25 Tickets - Slayer Of Paragons Robe (Unique to 2018)
      • 40 Tickets - Potted Plant Deed
      • 40 Tickets - Ticket for a random piece of phoenix armor
      • 50 Tickets - Stitchers Mittens Recipe
      • 75 Tickets - Pendant Of The Magi Recipe
      • 150 Tickets - Scrapper Compendium Recipe
      • 200 Tickets - Serpents Jawbone
      • 250 Tickets - Rideable Peacock Statuette

In a few weeks look for a staff run Fishing contest and more additions to the Summer Festival.
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An Enraged Satyr of Great Bardic Power is holed up in this establishment. Help keep him at bay until the end of the Festival so that we may create a new Bardic Guild Hall here.

He respawns on a 30 minute timer and has a 1 in 50 chance of dropping:

He also has a 15% chance to hand out rare colored hair dye.

Addition to the Summer Festival Ticket Vendor
  • Be the envy of all your friends with this rare colored hair dye for 50 tickets.

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The Summer Satyr has been upgraded
  • 1 in 50 chance to award the rare Fine Carved Walking Stick.
  • 15% chance to award rare colored hair dyes.
  • Now always drops 2 Summer Festival Tickets on the corpse.
  • Now always drops 10 random peerless crafting resources.
  • Now always drops talismans.
  • Basic loot has been increased.
New Additions today:

The following items can now be purchased with Summer Festival Tickets:

  • 25 Tickets - Wheelbarrel decoration
  • 50 Tickets - Song Woven Mantle Recipe
  • 50 Tickets - Spell Woven Britches Recipe
  • 100 Tickets - Koi Pond Deed (after this summer festival this item will appear in the UO Heritage store)

Summer Mephitis Champion Changes

  • Summer Mephitis is now the same ice white color as her loot drops.
  • There is now a rare chance (0.05) to be awarded a statue of Mephitis. This will appear in your backpack on her death.

20 - 22 July 2018

  • Players will have to catch a Big Fish

  • The Big Fish MUST have a date of 7/20 - 7/22/2018 on it!
  • Players will then have until 7/27/2018 to reach out to me and turn in their biggest fish.
  • Players are only allowed to submit ONE FISH PER PERSON(IP)
  • To submit a fish buy a bag and a book. Put the fish and book inside the bag. Inside the book write your players name. Reach out to me on Discord or the forums.
  • The winners will be announced on 7/28/2018.

Fish will be judged by WEIGHT. The TOP THREE players who turn in the biggest Big Fish, with the correct dates on it, will receive this fishing pole:

Out of those top three, the player who turns in the BIGGEST fish will receive this special title deed:

(in the event of a tie two will be handed out)


The Slayer of Paragons Robe can now also be purchased from the Summer Festival Merchant as a:
  • Plain Dress
  • Gargish Robe
  • Epaulettes
  • Gargish Epaulettes
  • Female Kimono
  • Male Kimono
are we ever gonna get any Kamishimo robes with something on them only ones n game seem to be the 1s you can make and they empy stat/skill wise.. these robes ....http://www.uoguide.com/Kamishimo i just like the look best out all robes :( "maby as even a loyaty reward idk they just look best out the robes i think any ways "
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The Summer Festival has come to an end!

Players have until 8pm EST on 9/15/2018 to spend their remaining tickets.

The Summer Festival Ticket vendor has set up shop right near the Luna Stables.

In a weeks time the Jukas will be returning, in force, to their home city of Mistas.