Official Event Days Of Summer - 2019
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While we are still planning the 2019 Summer Festival (will most likely just be the month of August this year) I wanted to roll out "Days Of Summer".

These mini WEEKEND events will be randomly turned on anytime Friday and then end anytime on Monday.

You will get a chance to fight unique bosses with their own unique item drops, apart from what they normally would drop. These special items will not be announced but must be discovered.

Stay tuned to these forums and the town criers in-game!
Active Promotion 4th Heritage Donation Drive - Earn a unique limited time item.
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Starting May 16th 2019 until August 15th 2019 any donation of $40 will grant the normal amount of Sovereigns plus the Royal Sagittarius Cloak. (no limit)

*Remake of the Despicable Quiver* (No damage modifier property and resist is always physical resist, does not hold arrows/bolts)

This donation drive is being used to fund a few upcoming projects and a few payed tournament events we would like to put in with a little advertising first.

It is also being used towards the $300+ a year website bill.

As always donating is never expected or required. All donations go back into the normal operating costs of the shard. Donation Drive items are remakes of existing items that can be obtained in-game.
Expired Event Join us November 18th @ 7pm EST to celebrate Thanksgiving on Heritage.
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Join us on November 18th @ 7pm EST to celebrate a Thanksgiving meal with the staff of UO Heritage. The meal will last for about one hour and we encourage players to ask use questions while we are around.

We will be handing out some Thanksgiving themed items for those who attend.

Please keep all pets stabled and spell casting at a minimum.

Support UO Heritage and Earn Sovereigns!

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