Active Event Halloween on Heritage 2019
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Halloween on Heritage will last from September 15th to October 31st 2019. Below are the various in-game events that will be going on.

  • Trick or Treating
    • You can go around to various NPCs and say "trick or treat" this will either reward you with a trick or a treat!
      • Treat List
        • Lollipops
        • Wrapped Candy
        • Jelly Beans
        • Taffy
        • Nougat Swirl
  • Halloween Begging (100 Begging required)
    • Grand Master Beggers can beg at various town NPCs for a chance to receive some unique Halloween themed items! (Do NOT AFK beg or your character will be jailed for the duration of the event)
      • Reward List
        • Creepy Cake
        • Pumpkin Pizza
        • Grim Warning
        • Harvest Wine
        • Murky Milk
        • Mr Plains Cookies
        • Skulls On A Pike
        • Chair In A Ghost Costume
        • Excellent Iron Maiden
        • Halloween Guillotine
        • Colored Small Webs
        • Random Halloween Costumes
        • Head On A Spike (random players name)(2019)...

Expired Event Heritage 3rd Annual Summer Fishing Contest August 9th-11th 2019

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9 - 11 August 2019

  • Players will have to catch a Big Fish
  • The Big Fish MUST have a date of 8/9 - 8/11/2019 on it!
  • Players will then have until 8/16/2019 to reach out to me and turn in their biggest fish.
  • Players are only allowed to submit ONE FISH PER PERSON(IP)
  • To submit a fish buy a bag and a book. Put the fish and book inside the bag. Inside the book write your players name. Reach out to me on Discord or the forums.
  • The winners will be announced on 8/17/2019

Fish will be judged by WEIGHT. The TOP THREE players who turn in the biggest Big Fish, with the correct dates on it...
Expired Event The Juka Wars - Going on now until August 31st 2019
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Humans, Elves, and Gargoyles once again wish to have a city to call home in Ilshenar. Ever since Exodus destroyed the Gargoyle City of Ver Lor Reg players have had no such location.

The Governors and Envoys of the realm have decided to make Mistas that new home. The only problem is the hordes of Jukas that call it home. We have allied with their ancient enemy the Meer and have started our assault. Mages of the Britannia Mage Guild have summoned a moongate in Haven to inside Mistas. Be warned, bring your allies!

This event will run in 3 phases. Phase 1 - The take over of Mistas, Phase 2 - The Meer Defense, and Phase 3 - Forcing the new settlement.

Phase 2 - LIVE NOW
  • There are two attack points where the Juka have massed. One in the center of the city and one outside the South Gates. 3 waves will spawn, consisting of Juka Warriors, Mages, and Juka Lords, before a fed up Warlord Kabur will appear on the battle field. Once an attack...
Expired Event PvP - Minax Base Control - 20JULY2019
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This Saturday, 20 July 2019, starting at 1pm until 9pm EST the Champion Spawn at the Minax Base will be activated.

From 8pm until 9pm fight for the Courtyard - which ever guild holds the Courtyard at 9pm will be rewarded.

Minax Base Changes
  1. Various destructible walls have been moved around in the Base since the last battle.
  2. MINAX2.png
    1. A back entrance to the Base has been created. It leads down into a secret base where to the west is the dragon turtle spawn in Felucca and to the east will pop you out in Destard dungeon. Players can now use this back entrance to attempt to circumvent base defenses.
Expired Event Mini-Event Weekend 7/12 - 7/14 2019
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This weekend Serv, some of you may remember him, makes a surprise return!

He will be hanging out at Luna Bank all weekend selling the Dryads Blessing for 50,000gp each.

This weekend, regardless of how you get to Lady Mel, she will be spawning as a PARAGON and will also have a chance to spawn with the Paragon Cincture on her body.

The basket used to key for this encounter has been moved outside the tree of the Blighted Grove in Trammel and Felucca. It will move back after the event weekend has ended.
NEWS Ilshenar has been "Enhanced" - 6/1/2019
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All the monster spawn in Ilshenar, both over land and dungeon, has been increased 2x its normal amount.

All the spawn in Ilshenar now has a minimum respawn chance of 1 second and a maximum respawn chance of 2 minutes. (faster re-spawn times than the other facets)

Some previous locations may be much tougher now. While others that were never used due to low spawn rates may be worth seeking out.

The only exception to these new changes is the Twisted Weald.
Expired Promotion 4th Heritage Donation Drive - Earn a unique item - Ends August 15th
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Starting May 16th 2019 until August 15th 2019 any donation of $40 will grant the normal amount of Sovereigns plus the Royal Sagittarius Cloak. (no limit)

*Remake of the Despicable Quiver* (No damage modifier property and resist is always physical resist, does not hold arrows/bolts)

This donation drive is being used to fund a few upcoming projects and a few payed tournament events we would like to put in with a little advertising first.

It is also being used towards the $300+ a year website bill.

As always donating is never expected or required. All donations go back into the normal operating costs of the shard. Donation Drive items are remakes of existing items that can be obtained in-game.
Expired Event Heritage Spring Time Raffle! 2019
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The Heritage Spring Time Raffle for 2019 has begun.
  • Twice a year we will raffle off the Lucky Gold Steed and Lucky Sovereign steed.
    • Auctions will be held in the Spring and in the Fall.
Both Ethereal Mounts are identical stat wise and grant the user 200 Luck, when mounted.
  • One raffle box only accepts Gold and the other only accepts Sovereigns.
    • Ticket Prices Are:
      • Gold - 10,000gp per ticket. (Unlimited tickets, per account, can be purchased)
      • Sovereigns - 1 Sovereign per ticket. (Unlimited tickets, per account, can be purchased)
The auction ends on 5/31/2019 @ 11am UTC and the winners will have the mounts automatically placed within their bag or bank box. Good luck Heritage!
Expired Event (Official) Valentines Event 2019
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It is that time of year again and Evil Cupid is back! To highlight SEASONS we have decided to host this one in Tokuno. Remember Treasures of Tokuno can only be farmed during January and February on UOH.

Valentines Day Events

Evil Cupid = Ends on the last day of February
  • A gate to Evil Cupid can be found near the Luna Stables.
  • Spawns every 20 minutes.
  • Is meant to be done as a group but same may be able to solo.
  • Has no slayer type.
  • Has a chance to drop all Peerless and SA ingredients.
      • 50% chance to drop a Human/Elf or Gargish Half Apron or Body Sash with 1% to ANY property or resist.
      • 5% chance to drop either:
        • Valentines Table
        • Valentines Chair
        • Cupid Statue
        • Heart Shaped Box
        • Harpsichord
      • Rewards will all drop right into your backpack and you will get a message letting...
Expired Event (Official) Join us January 15th @ 7pm EST (12am UTC) to celebrate the 3rd Year Heritage Shard Anniversary! Prizes for all.
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The 3rd Year Anniversary Party is close at hand! A glacial gate to the event area has been set up in Luna near the stables.

During the event there will be no harassing or grieffing of any kind. Players found trying to disrupt this event will be banned until the event is over.

Below is the agenda for the event.

1. The Ethereal Energy Vortex Llama Mount.
  • As a thank you for attending the event, and celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of Heritage with us, every person will receive this limited time Ethereal Mount.
  • Between 7pm EST and 8pm EST you will need to send me a private message, HERE, on the forums.
  • Click this link http://www.trueuo.com/index.php?conversations/add and type my name in when the time comes.
    • In that message include the name of one character on your account.
    • Shortly after 8pm EST I will start crediting the ethereal mount to the accounts.
    • Remember...
Expired Event (Official) Christmas on Heritage 2018
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Christmas has started on UO Heritage!

  • Players can double click this tree once every 24 hours to get a random Present. Once you double click the Present the item will appear in your backpack. This reward is 1 per account. (We will be monitoring accounts during December so do not attempt to create more than 4 accounts or you could be flagged)
    • Possible Gifts:
      • A Holiday Timepiece
      • Angel Decoration
      • Icicles (various sizes)
      • Ginger Bread House Deed
      • Wreath Deed
      • Icy Patch
      • Mistletoe Deed
      • Pile Of Glacial Snow
      • Red or White Poinsettia
      • Rocking Horse
      • Random Snow Globes
      • Snow Pile
      • Snow Statue Deed
      • A Snowy Tree
      • Green or Red Stockings
      • Soulstone Fragment Token
      • Special Hair or Beard Dye

2. You can purchase Holiday (Christmas) Tree Deeds from a special vendor in Luna for 50,000gp.
  • He is located near the big Christmas Tree.

Expired Event Join us November 18th @ 7pm EST to celebrate Thanksgiving on Heritage.
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Join us on November 18th @ 7pm EST to celebrate a Thanksgiving meal with the staff of UO Heritage. The meal will last for about one hour and we encourage players to ask use questions while we are around.

We will be handing out some Thanksgiving themed items for those who attend.

Please keep all pets stabled and spell casting at a minimum.
Expired Event (Official) Halloween 2018 on UO Heritage
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Starting October 7th 2018 (UTC) UO Heritage Halloween will begin and run until November 1st 2018 (UTC)

Halloween Events:
  • Trick or Treating
    • You can go around to various NPCs and say "trick or treat" this will either reward you with a trick or a treat!
      • Treat List
        • Lollipops
        • Wrapped Candy
        • Jelly Beans
        • Taffy
        • Nougat Swirl
        • Halloween Sandals
        • Halloween Robe
        • Halloween Cloak
  • Halloween Begging
    • Grand Master Beggers can beg at various town NPCs for a chance to receive some unique Halloween themed items!
      • Decoration List
        • Creepy Cake
        • Pumpkin Pizza
        • Grim Warning
        • Harvest Wine
        • Murky Milk
        • Mr Plains Cookies
        • Skulls On A Pike
        • Chair In A Ghost Costume
        • Excellent Iron Maiden
        • Halloween Guillotine
        • Colored Small Webs
        • Random Halloween Costumes
  • Pumpkin Patches
    • There are various...
NEWS Heritage will hit 1000 days online on October 12th 2018! Earn a unique item for logging in.
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I am not sure how many people have ever payed attention to the white sign just outside Luna's east gate. Every few days I go and update it to display how old UO Heritage is.

We are about to reach a milestone of 1000 days online! To commemorate this any player who logs in on October 12th 2018 EST will earn a unique limited time mount. Thank you for making the first 1000 days so great and we look forward to the next 1000 days to come!

Players are only allowed to claim 4 of these on their 4 active accounts. Anyone found farming more will be dealt with.
Expired Event 2nd Annual Heritage Summer Festival - July 1st through August 31st 2018
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It is that time of year again where the weather starts getting nicer out and life on Heritage slows down a little until the Fall months.

To break up the season lull on the shard we like to run the Summer Festival. This Festival is geared towards everyone. Experienced and unexperienced alike.

More quests and side events will be added as we get deeper into summer.


This years summer festival will take place in the old forgotten City of Mistas in Ilshenar. This city is not guarded so we do not recommend going AFK in this region.

A quick access gate to this area will be placed in Luna.

This Years Theme = "The Summer Of Paragons"


  • 5 Artifact Enhancement Quests (24 hour reset)
    • These quests require you to kill paragons and seek out specific Minor artifacts. In exchange for these base artifacts the Quest givers will give you 5 Summer Festival Tickets and an Enhanced version of the artifact requested.
  • Soul Forge...