Official Event Christmas on Heritage 2018

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Christmas has started on UO Heritage!

1. ChristmasTree.png
  • Players can double click this tree once every 24 hours to get a random Present. Once you double click the Present the item will appear in your backpack. This reward is 1 per account. (We will be monitoring accounts during December so do not attempt to create more than 4 accounts or you could be flagged)
    • Possible Gifts:
      • A Holiday Timepiece
      • Angel Decoration
      • Icicles (various sizes)
      • Ginger Bread House Deed
      • Wreath Deed
      • Icy Patch
      • Mistletoe Deed
      • Pile Of Glacial Snow
      • Red or White Poinsettia
      • Rocking Horse
      • Random Snow Globes
      • Snow Pile
      • Snow Statue Deed
      • A Snowy Tree
      • Green or Red Stockings
      • Soulstone Fragment Token
      • Special Hair or Beard Dye

2. You can purchase Holiday (Christmas) Tree Deeds from a special vendor in Luna for 50,000gp.
  • He is located near the big Christmas...
Expired Event Join us November 18th @ 7pm EST to celebrate Thanksgiving on Heritage.
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Join us on November 18th @ 7pm EST to celebrate a Thanksgiving meal with the staff of UO Heritage. The meal will last for about one hour and we encourage players to ask use questions while we are around.

We will be handing out some Thanksgiving themed items for those who attend.

Please keep all pets stabled and spell casting at a minimum.
Expired Event (Official) Halloween 2018 on UO Heritage
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Starting October 7th 2018 (UTC) UO Heritage Halloween will begin and run until November 1st 2018 (UTC)

Halloween Events:
  • Trick or Treating
    • You can go around to various NPCs and say "trick or treat" this will either reward you with a trick or a treat!
      • Treat List
        • Lollipops
        • Wrapped Candy
        • Jelly Beans
        • Taffy
        • Nougat Swirl
        • Halloween Sandals
        • Halloween Robe
        • Halloween Cloak
  • Halloween Begging
    • Grand Master Beggers can beg at various town NPCs for a chance to receive some unique Halloween themed items!
      • Decoration List
        • Creepy Cake
        • Pumpkin Pizza
        • Grim Warning
        • Harvest Wine
        • Murky Milk
        • Mr Plains Cookies
        • Skulls On A Pike
        • Chair In A Ghost Costume
        • Excellent Iron Maiden
        • Halloween Guillotine
        • Colored Small Webs
        • Random Halloween Costumes
  • Pumpkin Patches
    • There are various...
NEWS Heritage will hit 1000 days online on October 12th 2018! Earn a unique item for logging in.
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I am not sure how many people have ever payed attention to the white sign just outside Luna's east gate. Every few days I go and update it to display how old UO Heritage is.

We are about to reach a milestone of 1000 days online! To commemorate this any player who logs in on October 12th 2018 EST will earn a unique limited time mount. Thank you for making the first 1000 days so great and we look forward to the next 1000 days to come!

Players are only allowed to claim 4 of these on their 4 active accounts. Anyone found farming more will be dealt with.
Expired Event 2nd Annual Heritage Summer Festival - July 1st through August 31st 2018
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It is that time of year again where the weather starts getting nicer out and life on Heritage slows down a little until the Fall months.

To break up the season lull on the shard we like to run the Summer Festival. This Festival is geared towards everyone. Experienced and unexperienced alike.

More quests and side events will be added as we get deeper into summer.


This years summer festival will take place in the old forgotten City of Mistas in Ilshenar. This city is not guarded so we do not recommend going AFK in this region.

A quick access gate to this area will be placed in Luna.

This Years Theme = "The Summer Of Paragons"


  • 5 Artifact Enhancement Quests (24 hour reset)
    • These quests require you to kill paragons and seek out specific Minor artifacts. In exchange for these base artifacts the Quest givers will give you 5 Summer Festival Tickets and an Enhanced version of the artifact requested.
  • Soul Forge...