NEWS 2nd Annual Heritage Summer Festival - July 1st through August 31st 2018
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It is that time of year again where the weather starts getting nicer out and life on Heritage slows down a little until the Fall months.

To break up the season lull on the shard we like to run the Summer Festival. This Festival is geared towards everyone. Experienced and unexperienced alike.

More quests and side events will be added as we get deeper into summer.


This years summer festival will take place in the old forgotten City of Mistas in Ilshenar. This city is not guarded so we do not recommend going AFK in this region.

A quick access gate to this area will be placed in Luna.

This Years Theme = "The Summer Of Paragons"


  • 5 Artifact Enhancement Quests (24 hour reset)
    • These quests require you to kill paragons and seek out specific Minor artifacts. In exchange for these base artifacts the Quest givers will give you 5 Summer Festival Tickets and an Enhanced version of the artifact requested.
  • Soul Forge...
NEWS UO Heritage is looking to bring on a Counselor!
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Anyone can play and enjoy this game, but it takes a special breed to also want to help others, and to have the maturity and common sense to use - and not abuse - strong powers and abilities in the process.

We will hold you to a higher standard as a Counselor; not everyone who attempts to join the Program will make it all the way through. We'll always be available to answer your questions and concerns, so don't be afraid to ask questions or seek guidance. Any reasonable and responsible person can make a mistake or two; it is expected. We'll be there to try and help you over those humps, because we want you to succeed.

The process of screening and training new Counselors isn't a game to us; it is a vital part of our ability to help the player and keep UO Heritage relevant. If you meet the requirements for being a Counselor, and read this entire post, we're ready to make you a part of this special group of people.