Luna-Tikz [Luna]

Aug 23, 2017

Luna-Tikz is mostly a guild of people who just want to chill & play UO. We enjoy everything Sosaria has to offer, But our leaders are mostly focused on the shopkeeping/crafting/PvM side of the game. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drama, you have been warned. A member of Luna-Tikz would be expected to display his guild tag and title at all times, show respect to fellow guild members, abide by the rules of the server, take pride and show integrity in the way he/she does business with other players on the server. We maintain a no pressure atmosphere, meaning you will never be forced to participate in any guild event if you do not wish too, and never have to worry about going to war with another guild. We Also have a guild house in South Luna, where members may setup a vendor, a guild bank to share items with other members, it also houses a crafting hall, meeting hall & lounge to hangout with fellow guild members. We welcome alt characters, crafting mules & just about any type of player.. and we are new player friendly! Come join us, and explore the world of Sosaria! PM me on the forums to get started!

Safe Travels!
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