Unconfirmed Bug Chickens Lizards/Chickens & More

Aug 23, 2017
When you lore a normal chicken, it says it eats grain and hay.. so i give it a sheaf of hay, and he wont take it. I decided to try wheat, but according to this:
All i found in these areas is cotton so far.

looking for more resources.. i find this:

*ok so the chicken lizards say they want "grains and hay"
-Here they ask for meat

*I read recently (maybe it was a FoF?) that hay is on the list of things for the next round of things that get made stackable... so maybe in a not-too-far-off publish?
-Curious if this ever went through, cuse right now, the sheaf of hay, does not stack on Heritage.

*The wheat sheaf you can pick up in wheat fields are stackable.
-This is a different item from the sheaf of hay, the one that is missing from the areas listed in the 1st link, states they dont eat it, but its still missing.

So there is no current way to bond a chicken, and they are part of the chicken coop breeding system:
  • Allows players to stable up to 3 chickens (lizard or not) at their house